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White Chicago through a green filter
Our thoughtful heroine ponders this dress


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If this drags on, I may just wear this.

I’ll save you the suspense: still no clear winner in The Race To Be My Dress.

Last week, I dropped by White Chicago, which is a sample dress/once worn resaler in Chicago. The neat thing about this place is that in order to keep the dresses in top condition, everything in the store is white. They make you take off your shoes and place your things in another room. The attendants wear gloves. And everything in the store, from the white walls to the chairs to the dresses themselves, is a shade of white.

While there were some nice dresses, there were no clear winners.

On to this weekend where I went to Nordstrom’s bridal salon and, *gasp*, brought my fiancé. The salesgirl paused, and recovered with a slight, “Oh! Well, I guess he gets to see a preview, then.” Well, yes. And I also value his opinion since he will be the most important person on our wedding day. (Besides me.) And, I came out and twirled around while he smiled. It was not entirely unlike any other shopping experience we have together, just with a very special dress.

But, like I said, some highlights but no winners.

Dresses inside (cut for post length because obviously the groom has seen these.)


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I am not, never have been, and probably will never be a socialite.

But, for one night, it was fun to pretend to be a socialite bride! I scored a free ticket to the “bridal show event of the season in Chicago” courtesy of Cheryl at Shutterbooth and the show, hosting at the Ritz-Carlton off the Maganificent Mile was pretty swank-tastic. I went with Cheryl and her fiance, and hundreds of other young, glamorous, socialite females.

The interesting thing about this bridal show was the lack of booths. Instead, it seemed like the Ritz was showcasing its newly renovated ballroom (which is gorgeous; I highly recommend getting married at the Ritz if you can afford it!) There were some pretty tablescapes and flowers all over, but it was really an all-you-can-eat-and-drink schmooze fest. (Click on any photo to make it bigger!)

Yes, on the left side, that is a dried ham. Omg, Serrano ham and dates. Cornichons. Crepes. Full seafood buffet. (I ate lobster and shrimp cocktail).

More all white bouquets. J loves tulips and I love freesia, but unfortunately both will be out of season in the fall.

Now, tablescapes. Being the Ritz, this isn’t your average Sandra Dee project. I love both of these, but more from an art athestic than a pratical one. Really, a square vase with a rose right at your place setting? Where do you put it when you’re eating? Do you see people across the table with all the flowers bursting to get out of the arrangement?

A bit too over the top.

But, then again, that was the theme of this evening. Wine and dine the brides. (The Vera Wang fashion show! The unlimited champagne! The dessert bar where I ate 14 different kinds of cake/pie/cookies)

And then give them a “Oscar Style Swag Bag” full of ads that will guarantee their day could also be just like the party you just attended. Look what was inside!In the swag bag…

  • Best thing: Victoria Secret lace underware (with the 16.00 price tag on, although odd it said “one size fits most”) and H20 facewash
  • Ads. (the Green bag is full of them!)
  • 9 kinds of baked goods including TWO cupcakes (one with fondant frosting), cookies, chocolates, etc.
  • Two candles
  • Two things of jewelry cleaner
  • Tan-extender (?)
  • Hankerchief “for tears of joy”
  • Three kinds of chapstick/lip balm (one champagne flavored)
  • Worst thing: Fake “diamond” earings, kitchy junk, and gift certificates like $500 dollars off your $4000 or more wedding gown purchase. Please.

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7 months to go!

It’s March 24th!

We’ll be getting married in 7 months!

WHOA. Where did January and February (and March) go?

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MORE cupcakes

I love cupcakes.

This is no secret. I think they are awesome, but I am very picky about cupcakes. It’s so trendy that everyone is doing them. J likes cupcakes too, but he probably would prefer to eat something savory to something sweet typically.

But, when I was reading about the “5 craziest cupcakes” I read, BLT.

BLT in a cupcake form?

I’m not sure that this is it. But, how interesting! I bet it’s savory too, although I’m not sure how I feel about that ranch-dressing looking frosting on top. Still….

If that’s Serrano ham, sign me up. I’m all for creative. Anyone been or want to go check out this trendy cupcake boutique in the Gold Coast called MORE?

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Petit Collage

I bought these beautiful cards this weekend, and I love the style and colors. And animals. Who doesn’t love owls?

The website is super adorable! While some of it is perfect for a baby or a small child’s room, some are super cute for a wedding!

You may have guess that I’m now searching for our wedding “style.” At least inspiration is everywhere!

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llama love

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