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Three weeks ago on rainy April Saturday, I and four female physicists went in search of a great wedding dress.  My hopes were high– the stores I had found all had designers that echoed exactly what I was looking for: Streamlined. Flow. Limited glitz and beads. Classy.

And, this certain uniqueness. I suppose you don’t have to worry about another girl wearing the same dress at your wedding, but there’s always the pictures, and it’s then that you don’t want to look like every other bride. (Although how is that possible when 90% of them are strapless?) The more dresses I tried on, the more I realized that I was gravitating towards the same basic shape, same idea over and over again, just in different fabrics and price ranges.

Still, the hunt was on! (more…)


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I’ve got some really great posts in the hopper. Stay tuned for things such as, what happened to the wedding dress hunt? The dumb things caterers ask. And, Our Sunny Saturday.

I chose Our Sunny Saturday instead of Engagement Photos as the title for my picture on Facebook because calling it “Engagement Photos” seems to be too show off-y. Maybe engagement photos, by default, are show off-y though. (How many awesomely bad ones have you seen that scream, “Look at us! We are in love! We’re getting married!  We’re down by the railroad tracks, looking pensive and awkward! Smooochy!”)

We didn’t want that vibe in our pictures, no extreme schmoop, no railroad tracks, no trying to be hipster awesome. We just wanted some nice pictures to use for a Save the Date. So, we took Keri to one of our favorite places for the day: Geneva, Illinois.

Since Keri hadn’t been there before, we got to go around and show her our favorite places, and we also took some pictures along the way. I can’t wait to show all you around Geneva, too, on our sunny Saturday!

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What’s better than eco-friendly?

How about eco-friendly and FREE?

I’ll be the first to tell you that being nice to the environment is not cheap. So it’s really nice that there’s this beautiful and completely online magazine to help with the wedding inspiration. I can’t wait to share with you what I find!I can’t wait to read about it. Maybe I’ll read this on the train when it’s my turn to test out the office iPad. (Sweet!)

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Some exciting news!

We have our photographer! This has been in the works for awhile, but now that the contract is signed, I’m thrilled to call attention to a little link I’ve had on this blog for awhile.

We’re so excited to have Lane Christiansen of Willow Lane Photography to photograph our wedding. Her journalistic background and style will be just what we’re looking for to capture our day!

She has some great photos of her recent work on her facebook profile.

Here are some pictures (all link to her facebook profile)

Pretty! Squee!

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Llama wedding

Dear J,

I have some bad news.

Another couple has completely and totally stolen our idea of having a llama at the wedding.

Furthermore, they had an entire llama themed wedding. In the Berkshires to boot!!

Why didn’t we ever go to this llama farm during college?? How did we not know this existed? I think we missed out!!

Anyways, now that it’s so totally done, I guess we should forgo the llama at our wedding.

Let’s not risk looking like copycats. (Copy llamas?)



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What matters

A comment from my last post made me reflect whether all this dress hunting was a lot of nonsense, and if I would be better off finding a dress from a smaller set of options. Saving my sanity, if you will, for the multitude of other decisions to come

While dress hunting has been a hassle and a disappointing road so far, it hasn’t been altogether a bad experience nor one that has been devoid of enjoyment. There have been loads of laughter at dresses that just turned out to have a giant flower on my butt. I’m humbled by my friends who have wanted to go with me –multiple times– responding to my gripes and complaints with sympathy and cheerfulness. I’m grateful for my friends who don’t even live in Chicago who have reviewed daily wedding dress possibilities and discussing the pros and cons of dresses that look like an ostrich that got run over by a carriage.

For every time a saleswoman has told me that I should really consider ordering my dress soon, another friend has all encouraged me to wait for one that really makes me happy, via email, via phone, instant message or text. Hell, even the fiancé went dress shopping with me.

And then, even more touching is my mother, who as some of you know, may not have been entirely supportive of my relationship with J over the years, is now beyond excited. She is thrilled to be able to purchase for me a dress that will make me really, really happy on my wedding day.

So, after considering all this, the dress ends up being more than just what I wear on this lovely Sunday in October. It will be a symbol of our love, of the friendship I’m surrounded by and of triumph.

Happily, that’s what our marriage is about. Dress or no dress. 🙂

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Bridal Mansion

You hear “Bridal Mansion” and think boutique. Or large wedding shop. Or couture place, right?

I was just laughing when I discovered that the bridal mansion was not a mansion at all.

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