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Yesterday, we just passed the 4-months and counting mark to the Big Day. Happily, we also crossed catering off our list of to-dos after a very successful tasting on Wednesday (which i can’t wait so share with you.) But, as you know, while the big items get smaller, the detailed items are starting to grow and again, I’ll feel a little nauseous about getting stuff done.

It’s interesting to reflect on my wedding planning, especially through this blog, because I find myself focusing on the stuff. I’ve said “I’ll feel a lot better once we have a venue,”  and “I’ll be so relieved when I have a dress,” and the same about catering, and dj, and flowers, honeymoonticketshotelvacationweddingrings…

In fact, I may have even said it before the wedding. “I’ll be so relieved when we’re engaged.”

I was surprised to remember this because I know, and try to remind myself all the time, that the wedding is about marriage and not about stuff.

But, it was frustrating, after nearly seven years of dating, to not have a term, or status, that I could call J that meant more than boyfriend and could convey that we were in a committed relationship, just not engaged or married yet. And, like so many of my friends and fellow companions my age, many of us like to live together before we make it legal, for a year, seven years, or heck, perhaps an entire lifetime. But there were a lot of unsaid questions and some people were wondering “why J hadn’t proposed to her” yet, and perhaps, I was just finally ready to give in.

There wasn’t a moment that I can recall where we decided that yes, we wanted to be legally married. (Like, the proposal wasn’t a huge surprise). But, there were a lot of “life-obstacles” that slowly cleared up, making the path a lot easier and more breathable to walk on. And, then it just became right. We were going to do this, and we were thrilled.

And so, while I haven’t gotten to the point where I’ve said “I’ll be so relieved when I’m married,” I actually hope I never say it because I wouldn’t miss that day and the opportunity to celebrate with all our friends and family — no matter the details — for anything in the world.

🙂 Thanks to Lil for the referral to A Practical Wedding for inspiration for this post


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More tasting

Today, we are going to get to taste CAKE.

I am beyond excited.

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One summer during college, I took a job as a tour guide and student ambassador where I led dozens of high school students and their families past Morty’s house, through the monkey carells,  through the science quad all while walking backwards. (And once stalked by my giant 14-foot puppet, thanks marching band.)

There was a certain point during the tour, probably when we passed the Thompson Chapel when I would bring up a fun fact. “40% of Williams students marry each other,” I’d announce. “And many of them get married here, at Williams.” It seemed like each weekend over the summer, the chapel was full of celebrating alumni. In fact, the legend is that on the first day of freshman convocation, Morty (our president) said “Look to the left. Look to the right. Your future spouse may be somewhere in this room.” There’s no mistaking that ephs form bonds that often last a lifetime and often become legal.

Oh, eph. (Pronounced ee-ff) If you’re not familiar with Williams, we’re named after Ephraim Williams who founded the college. The color purple comes from Winston Churchill’s mom and the purple cow was adopted as the official mascot. So, we are the purple cows.

And when two purple cows get married, you get adorable cake toppers.

Congrats to Helen and Jim (class of ’06) on their recent wedding. This was too cute to not blog about!

* Thanks to Liz and Alan for the photos!

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I think the periodic table is awesome.

I know this is weird. There are random things that I like and dislike such as really liking the periodic table and really hating pigeons. (Don’t get me started on pigeons.)

And, there’s also my favorite story about teaching 4th graders the periodic table which, if I haven’t already told you, perhaps I’ll retell it sometime because that experience was a major reason why I decided to pursue education.

Anyways, I was full of major squee and excitement when I saw the period table seating chart below on offbeatbride. What a great idea!

We will not be copycating this, but I really thought it was clever and awesome.

I’m waiting for J to come home so we can go to the gym. After the never ending memorial day bbqs and gluttony associated with my birthday, I’ve got some serious working out to do before the dress fitting in July…

Current Crane Count: 220

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So, here we are, just three and a half months shy of getting hitched. “Well, you must have most everything done,” a co-worker said to me today.

I wish.

The next few months are going to be super busy, but super fun.We’re going to (hopefully) finalize our caterer next week. I hope to get our save the dates and a preliminary version of our website out by this week. We’ll narrow down our registries and get ready for bachelor/ette parties in July and August. Then, we just need invitations, hotels, music, flowers, cake and honeymoon.

And those are the BIG categories

Of course, we’re also juggling J’s three weeks to Europe, his dissertation, my big presentation (to the CEO and president!), my new product launch, and all the fun things we want to do in and around Chicago this summer including camping, concerts, and hanging out with our friends before they all graduate and float away.

Current Crane Count: 200!!

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J made me a cake (a black forest cake from the Joy of Cooking) and got me a large wheel of stinky brie cheese. Dinner was dried meat, cheese, bread and homemade pickles.

There’s fresh flowers in the corner, and cava in the champagne glass. I have over 50 emails from facebook bearing happy wishes from all over the world.

Birthdays, in short, rock.

I feel super happy and special. How lucky we get married this year– I’ll get to feel like this again in October!

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I have a horrible bride-to-be confession.

Having been surrounded by online wedding inspiration by the multiple websites, I find it natural to be looking and admiring other people’s beautiful weddings. So, now that the wedding season is in full bloom, pictures of other people’s weddings are popping up on facebook. And, I click on their pictures, even people that I don’t even know, just to see what things look like.

I admit this seems wrong/stalker/bride creepy of me, but honestly, after seeing all the gorgeous idea boards of weddings that will always be more clever/pretty/astonishingly-gorgeous-that-yours-will-ever-be, it’s refreshing to see non-professional photos of weddings in the average to beautiful category, and all a little more real.

Somehow, this exercise always make me feel better. Especially when there are some crazy dress choices 🙂

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