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fourteen days

It’s going to be a long two weeks without J.

Today was especially rough. I picked him up at midnight last night from the airport after his trip to the west coast, and today he was off again to the big conference in France. We were both wrecked. This meant we got to spend about six hour with each other, most of it asleep.

Then, work was pretty harsh today, and I just was feeling terribly depressed and exhausted around 6pm. I sent Keri a gchat expressing so.

Within fifteen minutes, she was downtown and within twenty, we were drinking sangria at the Sears Willis Tower.

Four glasses and one half a burrito and a ton of wedding chat later, I was on a train home, much happier.

That’s what bridesmaids are for. Thanks for making day 1 much more tolerable, Keri!


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OK, friends of colliderbride. Here’s an interesting question.

The trend in bridesmaid dresses for the sophisticated 2010 woman is to pick something classic, beautiful and rewearable. If that means different dresses for different girls, than so be it. Different colors for different girls, fine too. Some brides get all Martha Stewart with their bridal party and can end up looking like a rainbow cone.

For me, I decided basically right away that I would follow my friend Lauren’s example from her wedding: suggest a color and length and then let the ladies pick out their own dress. This will hopefully result in five beautiful dark blue bridesmaid dresses. Seriously, these girls would look stunning even if they didn’t quite match. I wasn’t worried, the girls were happy with their parameters, and we called it a day.

They boys, however, are a slightly different story.

It seems that the default is for all the boys to rent tuxes/suits from some version of Men’s Warehouse. In fact, most of the pictures I find, at a glance, all have the men in cookie cutter suits, perhaps with different color ties. Or, I’ve seen guys all in black which is also nice, and no one really notices one guy has three buttons on his suit while the others only have two.

But what about suits of a different color?

Black can be an option for us, but two of the guys actually don’t already have a black suit. It seems, however, that all the guys have suits in grey, which is my first preference since the girls are in dark blue. (To avoid the blue/black thing). But the grey suits are all different shades of grey, different styles, and I hear two have pinstripes.

Instinctively, I wasn’t sure about this and set about the internet looking for pictures of groomsmen in different suits. And I simply have not been able to.

Hello, double-standard-much wedding culture?

So, readers, what do you think? If we gave them all the same tie and a boutonniere to wear, do you think it will still look good in pictures? (They guys are all very handsome, so how could they not look good?) Could this actually be really awesome?

Link me if you know of any weddings where the guys had their own spin on their outfits!

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I’m not surprised, but choosing wedding language for the invitations sucks.

Although, we don’t have complicated families, I’m still finding it difficult to decide what the invitations should say.

I’ve gotten as far as “Together with their families” although this could easily be replaced with our parents names if that is the preference, and then our names, but what comes after that is tough.

  • request the honor  of your presence at their marriage (Interesting fact: “honour” is exclusively for churches, according to International Wedding Invitation Law)
  • invite you to share in the joy of their marriage
  • request the pleasure of your company when they say ‘I do’
  • invite you to share and celebrate in their marriage
  • invite you to share their joy as they exchange marriage vows
  • request for your presence as they begin their new lives together

…All kind of vanilla, right?

Oh, and that last one—no dice since we’re already living together (that ship sailed awhile ago.)

How do you walk the line of being formal, but not too stuffy; happy, but not too casual. And especially: Not Too Goofy.

I did some internet searching, and for the million wedding invitations sites out there, I was surprised that most adhered to more or less the language above.

With a few hilarious exceptions (all real)

We decided on forever…
and forever begins when we,
Melissa Lee
Charles Bradley
get married

Unless Melissa and Charles are vampires, this invitation is confusing. Forever really starts the day they get married? What about before that? It’s not forever yet? What does forever mean?

Say you’ll share with me
one love… one lifetime…
say the word and I will follow
you… that’s all I ask of you…
Jennifer Lynn Montello
Mark William Hanley Junior
together with their families
invite you to celebrate
their special day

Correct me if I’m wrong, but things didn’t turn out so well for the Phantom, right? I’m not sure you want to model your marriage on the dysfunctional relationship that went on in this play. Although the song is very pretty, keep in mind the Phantom is all into creepy music mind control.

The time has finally come for
long courtship to end as we joyfully
request the honor of your presence
in their exchange of wedding vows

Sounds like someone’s nagging mother wrote this wording. Why don’t you just tack on “as we also pre-celebrate the imminent announcement of grandchildren, April” at the end.

From the first ‘tee’
we knew we ‘wood’ spend
the ‘course’ of our lives together
Megan Riley
Jonathan Bueler
‘wood’ love ‘fore’ you to join us
at our wedding


So, I’m going to have to brainstorm a few other possible lines. Who knew that one little line would be so much trouble?

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new crane count!

Thanks to AMAZING CHICAGO FRIENDS and their mad crane folding skills, we are 129 cranes richer this week than last.

Crane folding + zombieland + alcohol = 115 totally usable and awesome cranes. Thank you SO much for your hard work, patience and contributions to our wedding!

As for the other 14 cranes…i might have to smooth some out/refold them. Luckily, there were only five or so that made it in the file that were pretty off the mark (mutant cranes with two heads, backwards cranes with wings and tails switched and upside down…)

Current Crane Count: 429!

We have 10 out in Portland, OR; 100 out in Eugene, OR;  100 out in Rochester, NY; and 100 out in Denver, CO.

With just past 3 months to go (3 months from yesterday!) we’re getting ever closer to the big day!!

NOTE TO FOLDERS: The gold paper tastes terrible. Like, really bad. Be sure to wash your hands after folding!

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i miss you

when we’re apart,

i stay up way too late because you’re not here to tell me to go to sleep.

i know i stay up too late even when you’re here

but its worth more then

than it is now

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Shooooooes (again)

Why, why WHY are wedding shoes so boring?

Seriously, go search wedding shoes and this is what you get

  • ivory
  • cream
  • beige
  • white
  • pastel
  • dye-ables (ugh, 80s strike again)

no, no. no, NO. Boring!

I told my mom I wanted blue shoes.

“No!” She remarked, clearly exasperated with her daughter. I’ve gotten used to this reaction, though. In fact, I think the only thing that she didn’t find completely crazy was my selection of flowers. I think we were both shocked to finally find something that we both, well, really agreed on.

But shoes, no. She does not like my idea of blue shoes.

But that’s ok! I have to get shoes before I have my dress fitting (Aug 14th) so here begins the shoe hunt!

Here are some that I like:


"too cute for words" Poetic License


Steve Madden Florale


Goody Too-Shoes


Which one do you like? 😀

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Cross another thing off the list! Thanks to some keen negotiation skills on the part of my future mother-in-law, was have a nice hotel block at the Hampton Inn and Suites. Who knew that a hotel block would be so much trouble? First, you have to put your credit card down to “secure” the entire block but can “opt” for guests to pay for their own rooms (Opt! Opt!) Then, you have to pretty much say exactly how many rooms you think your guests will actually reserve and there is some threatening language if you don’t meet the minimum. Yikes!

But the much experienced M-I-L-2B was very knowledgeable and now, we’re all set and not so scary. I looked over the paperwork this morning and started playing fill in the blank. My favorite part was the bottom.

Signature: ____________

Title: ________________

Phone :_______________

Title? I guess this makes sense if you’re reserving for an organization or a company and need a contact person. They will obviously have a title.

I put BRIDE.

It is, after all,  the official title of this part-time job.

So we were all set, and got this nice confirmation email. The manager then attached a handy instruction document that we can forward to friends and family on how to  get our hotel rate. I opened the attachment.

It was written entirely in comic sans.

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