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I’m not going to lie: deciding on a tie was probably one of the most painful things we’ve done so far in planning the wedding.

You’re probably saying to yourself, “Really? Did you forget how painful finding a venue was? Deciding on a caterer? And you’re saying choosing a tie is hard?”



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Don’t panic.

Don’t painc.

I’ve got three weeks to figure out everything, more or less.

J is now officially off the hook doing anything because he is on THESIS LOCKDOWN. This means that I am now going to pick up the slack and start busting out the wedding to do list.

So far this week I,

  • Secured hair for my ladies on the day
  • Made a hair trial
  • Got my 2nd fitting done with Sue (story to follow)
  • Bought goodies with Michelle at Sam’s club (thank you!)
  • Ordered the cake cutting set
  • Ordered 33 navy bags
  • gone to the gym. Yay!

I’m out of cranes until this weekend, and then we’ll have a crane folding marathon again.

Hanging in there…

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One Month to Go!

I’m glad I made a wedding filter on my gmail because I avoided the dreaded note from knot, reminding me that there’s ONE MONTH TO GO!

One month?! How did nine months just blow by?? Are we really just 30 short days away from being lawfully husband and wife?

Well, one month after the wedding, it will be our eighth year of dating. So, I suppose it’s time to tie the knot before we get to that number…

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Today, we got two more plain white envelopes, each containing three big cranes. One from Albany, and the other from Providence, RI…

At least we’re seeing a trend with the East Coast.

The plot thickens…

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Because our venue and caterer are awesome, we’re allowed to purchase our own alcohol for the wedding.

So, this summer, we’ve been having wine tastings to help us figure out what we’re going to buy for our wedding. J went through the Binny’s website and choose 3-4 options with good ratings within our price point for us to buy, and then we’d partake with friends to select a winner.

The reds had a strong winner~ and even with a late entry of a very tasty Portuguese selection, we still remained true to our Two Vines Vineyard 10 Red from Columbia Crest. Even out of a freshly opened bottle, it’s an accessible red, opening up to pair well with food. A hat tip to our time in Washington, this wine reminds me of where we started to learn all about vino. Super excited.

The whites went through two versions of trials. Originally, we had settled on another Washington, a Chateau St. Michelle Chardonnay, but then two things happened: Binnys changed the vintage on us, and we discovered Wishing Tree’s Unoaked Chardonnay from Australia. I fell in love with it before it was uncorked, and happily, it lived up to my sentimental expectations. As our relationship blossomed in Australia, I love that this wine reflects that as well.

Champagne was a slightly trickier beast to tame, as people seem to have very widespread opinions on it. Luckily, it’s only a small glass, so if people don’t care for it, it’s not a primary beverage. I’ll let you know more about what we settled on later.

I would have loved an Oregon Pinot Noir such as Montinore Estates or a sweeter white from Argyle since we have spent time in Oregon’s wine country. Or, a bright Chianti Classico to remind me of our trip to Italy. But, it makes me happy to add these two wines to my list of favs!

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mystery cranes, part 4

Three more yesterday, from Oakland CA.

Very, very mysterious.

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Mystery cranes, part 3

Three more, this time postmarked from Boston AND with different handwriting on the front.

Very, very strange….

Current Crane Count: 690…and we’re out of paper! (Except I think I have lost 40 sheets of paper). We’re waiting on 60 from my parents, 100 from Kellen and 100 from Janette and 11 from Lillian which means that I’ve lost 39 sheets of paper somehow.

Will I get 39 mystery cranes? The +14 so far is a help!

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