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0 days!

It’s wedding morning!

Thanks, everyone for coming on this journey with me! The bridesmaids are sorting out the last minute details, the hair people are on the way, and we’re going to do this!

See you all on the flip side!



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4 days

On Monday at work, Nicole greeted me with a cheerful, “Happy Wedding Week!”

It totally caught me off guard, but I grinned so wide in coming to the realization that yes! It’s here! It IS my wedding week!

Now, I can count the number of days left on one hand!

My family arrives today, as well as two of our groomsmen to help, which is good because I need it. Up late last night cranking out a seating chart, final song list, picture list, lists, lists, lists! Everyone needs lists!

Special props to Keri who has been not only my graphic designer, but on-call crisis resolution expert. Oh, what? Publican doesn’t do lunch and we need a reservation for 11? Let me call several excellent restaurants in Chicago and see if they have room. How about any of these nine options? Blackbird is an excellent choice, I’ll call them back to confirm.

Just like that. Amazing!

So…..here we go! Everyone get here safe!


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7 and 6 days

Ok, it’s 6 days. I missed yesterday because we finished stringing the rest of the cranes. Somehow, (don’t ask me how) we’re at exactly 900 cranes. And that counts the ones from Crane Fairy.

Anyways, special thanks to all friends who fed us and sat on the couch/floor and opened cranes/strung ’em up. They are now packed in boxes with tissue, and will be opened and hung on branches on W-Day. Hooray!

Today, my co-workers threw me a cute shower with cupcakes and knives! (The knives were a present!) I’ve been the last of the bridal trio this year, so it wasn’t a big surprise, but it was a really nice gesture AND we folded more cranes. The best part was the decorations where someone printed pictures of cranes on copy paper, and then folded them into a big crane. It was cute. I stole them and hope to bring them to the rehearsal dinner.

I did some craft store scouting today after work, and tomorrow I’m going to go back and get the final decorative touches. 1.5 days of work before the fam gets here, and the party begins!

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8 days

The rings are beautiful, that flowers are all planned. The potluck last night was delicious (thanks everyone!) and we have 400 cranes all strung up! My dedicated friends are going to return today for more stringing and discussion of dirty topics. 🙂

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9 days

Today, I made an appointment for us to get our marriage license next week. A scant four days before the wedding, it might seem like we’re cutting it a little close. But, the document is valid for 60 days after it is issued, and all we need to do is show two forms of ID and pay for it and a few copies.

I washed all the vases, and I’ll be bringing 100 strung cranes to my meeting with Fleur Couture tomorrow. We’ll be brainstorming exactly what we will be doing with those cranes! (As a funny aside, my Gmail now has little ads for purchasing an actual crane. I find this amusing.)

Also tomorrow, we pick up the rings! Engraved and polished and in little boxes! They’ll be ready for the big day!

Oh, and crane stringing potluck tomorrow! Busy before-the-wedding weekend. (But hey, it’s the last one!)

The 10-day forecast predicts for my wedding day: some rain. We’ll see if that changes.

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10 days

I can almost check the weather today. At least Saturday is looking nice. Low 60s–pretty nice for October in Chicago!

We picked up 8 cases of beer tonight. Going with Bell’s Two Hearted (in a nod to the blog of yours truly) and Check-var.

I don’t know how to spell that, and J won’t tell me. Here’s what just happened

Me typing: “Ch-”

J: No.

Me: “Ce-”

J: No.

Me: “Ck-”

J: No.

Me: Screw this. “Check-var.”

J: ….

J: Do you know how to spell the Czech Republic

Me: …

J: Add a question mark to that last statement.

Me: I hate you.

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wedding music

Actually, I think this is what we’ll all walk down the aisle to. With sunglasses. 🙂

It will make me laugh all the way down. I promise no one will cry.

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