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Well, two days later and we’ve made quite a headway on the leftovers. We’re out of mashed potatoes and stuffing, but there’s still plenty of gizzards. (Anyone?)

We probably could have catered at least 40 more people with the amount of food we had. Thanks to the purchase of a farm box, we were overloaded with veggies. Luckily we love to cook, but the nine of us barely made a dent in the following dishes:

  • One 20lb turkey (named Melanie) which had been brined two days in advance by Jason
  • Gravy from the drippings
  • Stuffing (J’s recipe with multigrain and rye chunks, fresh sage, celery and other spices)
  • Mashed potatoes (my recipe with butter, milk and chicken broth)
  • 2 kinds of cranberry sauce (Ocean Spray’s recipe and Jason’s version)
  • Sweet Potatoes (J’s recipe with maple syrup and butter)
  • Roasted root vegetables (with tumeric!)
  • Pan fried chard and beet leaves
  • Rotkohl (Braised red cabbage with apples)
  • Green Bean Casserole (Trader Joe’s recipe)
  • Roasted beet, blue cheese, radish and arugula salad with mustard and vinegar dressing
  • Roasted Acorn Squash (Jason’s creation)
  • British meat stuffing (Louise’s contribution)
  • Bread sauce (Joe’s contribution)
  • Cornbread muffins (Epicurious recipe)
  • Farm bread (from the farm)

And then there was dessert

  • Mincemeat pie (from the farm)
  • Pumpkin pie (from the farm)
  • Pecan pie (my dad’s recipe, made by me — my favorite!)
  • Pumpkin pie (Alton Brown’s recipe, made by J who also made a gingersnap crumb crust)
  • Blueberry pie (Joe’s contribution)
  • Blueberry and Frangipane Tarte (also made by Joe)
  • Whipped cream
  • Matcha whipped cream (green tea flavor!)

Omg. It was epic. It was delicious. It was a lot of work.

But, compared to the wedding? It was a SNAP.


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We’re hosting Thanksgiving and arranged for a farm box containing fresh produce and a never-frozen organic turkey. This all sounded like an excellent idea until it was revealed that the turkey is 20lbs. O.o

How big is a 20lb turkey? (Don’t say 20lbs!)

The bigger question is will it fit our roasting pan?

Butterball says it’s going to take 5 1/2 hour to cook the thing. + 45 min to rest it. It’s going to be a long day.

I better clean up my Thank You note clutter on the floor. Tomorrow we’ve got pie baking to do.

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oh hai

So, things are not less busy around here after the wedding, but they are certainly less interesting (in my opinion.) There’s no more late nights researching, or weekend field trips to various interesting locals around Joliet. The most interesting wedding related thing of late is that I finally took my bridal dress to a special cleaning shop (at the request of my mother) and I won’t see my dress until January.

Also, they aren’t sure if they can get the red wine stain out.

So, we’ll see how that goes. J’s clothes are still bagged in the backseat of the car, waiting to be dropped at a better drycleaners as we discovered our usual spot to really do a questionable job on his shirts prior to the wedding.

But, we got our 2k+ photos on a beautiful DVD (and some bonus prints! Thanks, Lane) and now I’m going through to get some printed, finish our numerous thank you cards, and finish cleaning up the house in time to host thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is J’s favorite holiday. Unfortunately with work this year, I won’t be getting the Friday off, so that meant we couldn’t travel. So, this is our first year with just friends at Thanksgiving, and we’re adopting the Fermilab graduate student orphans for an afternoon. The bright side is that a friend notified us of a farm that was selling a “box” with a fresh, never frozen turkey, two pies, fresh bread and a whole host of root vegetables and other exciting things. So our first Thanksgiving together, as family, should be tasty.

I guess what I realized these past three weeks, waiting for pictures, was that I did miss my blogging. I am proud that I made it all 10 months with entries about the wedding. Now, with pictures, I’m excited to fill in the gaps of what happened and how BEAUTIFUL the day was.

But, that shouldn’t prevent me from also blogging forward. Life goes on, and so should my writing. The next year is going to be just as exciting as the wedding and I won’t want to miss it.

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I’m pleased to report that we’ve been married for a little over two weeks, and we’re both very happy.

Maybe a little too happy.

It’s funny; people ask me, “So how’s it being married?” and my reply is, “Pretty much the same as being not married.”

Which is true. We still live together in the same little house. We’re still going to work and writing the thesis, as it was before the wedding.

But, we now have some shiny new things that make our lives a little nicer. (Wow, did I ever need a new nonstick pan.) Also, I’ll see J fiddling with his ring from time to time, or discover it in random places in our house. He’s getting better with remembering to wear it, and I smile every time I notice it glisten in the light.

And our cranes! I packed them in a big amazon box, and they are now in the middle of the floor, waiting to be sealed and sent to Canada. But, I haven’t done it yet. I know they are going to go to charity and eventually join a massive flock of cranes for a big exhibit, but they are all so special to me. It breaks my heart a little bit to see them all in that box, each a heartfelt contribution to our wonderful day. It was striking to see them all together.

So, on we go. I’m getting the professional wedding pictures this week, so then we can have proper recaps!

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we’re married!

Here we are, 11 days later.

I had to take a few days pause because I haven’t been able to find exactly how exciting the entire five days leading up to the wedding were, or how blissful the actual day was. In fact, I’m not even completely sure where to start.

But, I will begin with how grateful I am. Our wedding was more than an affirmation of our commitment and love; it was a day to celebrate with our loved ones and thank them for all the ways they have supported us financially and emotionally. I felt so lucky that both sets of parents were there with bells on, all four couldn’t have been happier that day. My brother was a tremendous support and his heartfelt speech was perfect (and was one of the only two times I teared up on wedding day.)  Our families loved each other. Our friends dissolved into a rowdy, carousing celebratory pack of singers and dancers. Hours upon hours, we had toiled to make the beautiful forest of cranes, the perfect backdrop for our vows.  We had earned this moment, and I am so happy and grateful for everyone who came, contributed and celebrated with us in person or spirit.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

There was something special in the air on our wedding day. Clusters of ladybugs gently scuttled about outside the educational center, some caught in the gentle folds of my dress until released by an alert bridesmaid. In fact, a large cricket landed directly on J’s boutonniere during pictures. The rain in the morning broke into gentle sun for an unseasonably warm October afternoon, and the evening melted into a sunset rainstorm that erupted into a lightening show that lasted for hours.  Incredible.

Well, being me, I’ve got plenty of stories to tell, so future entries will probably be me talking about how I remember the wedding. There’s also an adventure of a honeymoon to cover….and then, life beyond the wedding will continue too. I won’t be going anywhere.

After all, this blog is about when two hearts collide. The physicists will tell you that it’s what happens after the collision that they are interested in, that is, the energy, the resulting pieces of whatever they can detect after. It’s through analyzing what happened after the collision that help them understand what really occurs during the impact.

That’s sort of how I feel about the wedding, as I talk to as many friends as I can, read entries in our guest book and skim through the pictures, trying to better understand what happened that magnificent day, one instant in time. It’s all a little hazy.

But, I do remember walking down the back path, about an hour before our ceremony. The wind was blowing and Keri was tending to my train. Lane, my photographer, was setting up our first look, and she was calling for us to walk down. We turned the corner to see Tom standing next to my groom, both facing away from our approach. Keri and Tom exited, and, on the count of three, J turned around.

He and I alone stood in the middle of the path, our faces breaking into happy smiles. And as we hugged, I nestled my head into his neck to stop the flow of tears.

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