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Wedding recap: getting ready

It was wedding morning. The girls got ready in my hotel room with the hair/makeup people

All photos courtesy of Willow Lane Photography

We toasted with mimosas before heading out.

(Love the Hampton Inn cups, right?)

The guys got ready at Four Rivers.

I got into my dress there, too.

I got all ready to go…

And an hour before the ceremony, we had a first look.


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Our wedding

courtesy of Willow Lane Photography

ready for some recaps?

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first snow

The snow started to fall around ten, but we were celebrating J’s doctorate with one of our fav couples and just generally chilling. At midnight after they left, the snow had just dusted the sidewalks. We slipped on our coats, hats and gloves and took a chilly stroll around the block.

Walking in the first snow at midnight.

It surprises me how quiet everything is it is when it’s snowing at night. I’m not sure if the snow mutes sound, or whether blurring out the houses, streets and cars heightens your awareness of sound and space.

Especially during college, we spent a lot of time walking, and certainly 1/2 of the year was in snow. In either of our dorms, we were surrounded by friends and classmates and lots of pressure to hang out. But the outside was our retreat, where we could be alone, together –escaping social and academic pressures for a short time as we crunched through the snow.

Wednesday, J and I hit our 8 year mark together~ seems a shame to have to start over now that we’re married. In some ways, it seems like such a long time and other times, like tonight, it seems just like we could have been taking a midnight walk around Williams instead.

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The news is in and it’s good!

The other thing that we’ve been working on this year, besides the wedding, was a thesis. J defended today in Seattle and passed!

We were planning on making a weekend of it in Seattle since we really miss the beautiful rainy city. Instead, J’s flying back tomorrow and his parents will be flying here to share in the celebration!

Yay! My husband is now a Dr.


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