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The dress is back!

You may remember that I took my dress to a special wedding dress cleaner shop in November worried that they potentially couldn’t get a red wine stain out. Yes, that’s right, the dress suffered a major red wine spill and although I have a pretty good idea who was responsible, I will just say that they are off the hook.

The stain came out, and the dress is back and beautiful! Just like new! All the dirt on the bottom, the dead ladybugs, massive sweat stains, all gone. It smells wonderful and I am resisting the urge to put it back on and, well, I guess wear it in my living room.

The guy at the cleaners, and old gentlemen of ambiguous nationality but strong accent, was so nice, and when he saw how relieved I was, he leaned in close. “You are lucky. Your dress,” he whispered apologetically, “is not satin. It’s polyester.” Then he leaned back in triumph. “I can WASH polyester!”

I suppose that some brides would be crushed to realize this fact if they thought that their gown was silk or satin. Truth is, I knew it was polyester when I bought it –felt slightly annoyed at this fact–but went with it anyways since it was soft and beautiful.

And now that’s saved me a lot of heartache. Yay dress, I love you.


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We’re back!

Ok, no really. We really are back.

Sorry it’s been silent over here. It’s been a few hectic months getting things sorted, and it will continue to be that way. It’s just that there have been many things going on that I just haven’t had the time to finish my wedding recaps.

But, enough excuses!

I do have to tag back my awesome photographer, Lane Christensen of Willow Lane Photography who also blogged about us! So, you should go there and look at my amazing pictures as I decide how the heck I’m going to tell the story of my wedding an entire three months later.

Lucky for me, there is still frozen wedding cake in my freezer for inspiration. I believe I will eat a slice tonight!

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