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No chicken soup

J came home with a sore throat yesterday. Unfortunately, it was after the grocery store closes that he alerted me to the fact that no, he did not wish to eat the pork that had been marinating all day a la Julia Child’s recipe, and wanted, well, soup.

So, I ran across the street to a smaller market called PAM that’s open until 8. (Think 7-11, but without the gas station. Or slurpees. And instead of refrigerated beverages are shelves of wine and liquor.) I figured that they’d have to have some canned chicken soup on their shelves, and that would do for dinner.

The store isn’t that large, and I found pasta, rice, tea, no less than 20 different kinds of cheese…but no canned soup.

In fact, the only soup I did find were some instant packet soups with weird flavors like “Indian” and “Basil” and “Chickpea”. As far as the add-water variety goes, I wasn’t sure that’s where I wanted to go, and it definitely wasn’t chicken. I did find two Knox varieties of soup-in-a-box, a little smaller than the stock boxes you can buy in the store. My options: Pumpkin/squash or vegetable.

I settled for the vegetable and also got a packet of chicken ramen. Combined, we’d have something close to chicken noodle soup. Right?

In the end, we ate both separately, and neither was really that great. I decided to continue the search this morning at MIGROS, my larger grocery store on the corner. Surely they, a real grocery store, would have canned chicken soup.

But again, there was no canned soup. There was a much larger selection of bouillon and instant soups than at PAM, but no soup.

This is interesting and troubling to me. Either Swiss people are just fabulous at making soup that no one would dare buy a pre-made soup. Or maybe they have something against soup, which can’t be true as there is some soup holiday here in December. I’m not sure what it means, but I did know that it meant I was making my own soup.

So, with the help of Joy of Cooking and my helpful husband, I’m happy to report that I successfully dismembered a whole chicken and it’s parts are simmering on my stove.


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