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Summertime in the city

I shouldn’t be surprised because this happens every summer, but our days have been jam packed.

Both J and I are working a lot during the week, and on the weekends, we’re out exploring! In recent weekends, we’ve gone chocolate and cheese tasting in Gruyere and to a wine festival in Colmar, France. This next weekend is the GIANT fireworks in Geneva for La Fete de Geneve, and then in two weeks, we’re off to London and Manchester (hopefully recovered from the riots.)

I’m going to have to see what the best way to incorporate pictures into these blog posts will be. It’s getting to be somewhat complicated to upload pictures to facebook/picasa/flickr/AND the blog. There’s got to be some better integration way here, right?

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So, you may have been wondering where I’ve been and why the blog’s been silent. I suppose I sort of microblogged on facebook for the past few weeks, and there’s some pictures there of our recent adventures. Maybe there’s a few factors reasons why I’m returning to the blog.

  1. Microblogging wasn’t cutting it anymore, especially with the addition now of Google +, which in my opinion, reads like an unfinished equation. (Google plus what?) So, do I post do both FB and Google+….?
  2. Life continues to be interesting, and I don’t prefer to post that frequently to FB.
  3. I started to tell the same stories to people over and over again.
  4. I missed writing
  5. People seemed to miss me. (You missed me, right?)

So, we’re back. We may need to recap some things as we go forward, but we’ll get all caught up sooner or later. Here’s a story from a few weeks ago:

Seeing a movie in Geneva is a Big Deal. While it’s extremely pricey to see new releases (20chf), there is a comfort to the theater. Smell of popcorn, theater seating–you can pretend for a few short hours that you’re back in the States watching a movie (with French and German subtitles). Side note: We saw X-Men in June and, if you haven’t seen it, the movie is sometimes in German and also Russian which led to times when the translations flipped or added another row. Sort of mind bending.)

Anyways, having been a recent bride and Kristin Wiig fanatic, I was WAY pumped for the movie Bridesmaids to come out in May. However, strange international laws prevented this movie from being released here until July. I was crushed, and excited posts and tweets by friends on how amazing Bridesmaids was just made me more upset. Frustrated with this arbitrary reasoning, I swore off any movies in Geneva …until Harry Potter DHpt2 was set to be released it’s opening weekend. And in 3-D! Miracle!

Friends of hours had gotten tickets for the opening day, and said that it was great. So, I logged on and purchased tickets for the same time slot and posted on FB that we were going to get to share in the excitement that was Harry Potter Weekend.

One astute friend asked “Are you seeing it in French?” I certainly hoped not although I did go back to the website to check. Anything about dubbed? I reasoned that if people went to see the exact same time the previous day, we’d probably be fine.

Fast forward to J and I being in the dark theater. Having bought tickets online, we bypassed the queue and never interacted with anyone who I could confirm that the movie was indeed in English.

And when the movie started, Luna opened her mouth and said something in French.

Uh oh.

J glanced over at me with raised eyebrows.

We both looked back at the screen. No subtitles. I had somehow gotten us into a dubbed version of the movie.

I spent the first ten minutes debating what to do. If we left now, could we get into another showing? Was it worth to ask? Was J understanding the dialogue? While I fretted, the movie continued and realized that the french word for “wand” is “baguette.” In the opening scene, Harry is talking to Mr. Ollivander. I leaned over to J, “I thought Ollivander had a wand shop, not a bakery.”

He grinned at my joke, and we stuck it out.

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