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One Year :)

John and Sarah’s wedding from Sarah Croft on Vimeo.


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Postdoc Pants

So, one of the things that J really needed is a pair of new pants.

Apparently, living in the country of potatoes, cheese and bacon has had an opposite effect on him. He has actually lost quite a bit of weight and now all his pants are too big.

Since we had a bit of a shopping bust in London and he was too busy to get pants in the states, we had to suck it up and buy some pants here. Unfortunately, H&M is just as cheap quality as it is in the States and twice the price. But, we found a really nice pair of pants at Globus, the most expensive store in Geneva. They are a great pair of pants though, and they fit him great.

So I was surprised to find them in the wash this morning. Of course, he’s worn them all week and they should be washed. But, these are PRICEY POSTDOC PANTS that I need to be super careful with. I should read the washing instructions.

Despite these pants being an English brand, the instructions are in German.

Ok, Google Translate. Please tell me what this says:

Binnenste buiten en apart wassen. Ware von links waschen. Flecken nicht lokal entfernen. Farbabgabe beim tragen. Ausfaerben bel der wasche. Farbschattlerungen und Waschkniffe sind typisch Fur diese modische hose. Das ausfarben und die Optik berechtingen deshalb Nicht zur reklamation.

Binnenste buiten wassen s apart. Ware wash from the left. Stains are not local. The ink transfer contribute. Wash the dye running cable. Farbschattlerungen washing and tricks are typical for these fashionable pants. The ausfarben and optics berechtingen Not so for complaint to.

Washing and tricks are typical for these fashionable pants, eh?

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Hiking in the Jura

We welcomed Joanna and Mika to Geneva this weekend by going on a lovely hike. It’s full on fall in the Jura, and we know we’ve got only a few more weekends of nice weather before it’s cold and snowy.

hiking! jura!!!

Enjoy these pictures I shot!

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