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One Year :)

John and Sarah’s wedding from Sarah Croft on Vimeo.


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For the love of Ephs

J and I both went to Williams College.  Don’t worry if you haven’t ever heard of it; it’s super small and sits in the corner of Massachusetts, just a short jog to both Vermont and New York.

If you have heard of it, chances are you’ve read it atop some sort of list or ranking, about how great the school is or some article about how strange our mascot is. (It’s a purple cow.) However, recently, it seems that we’ve gotten some new press and a new #1 ranking: Best College to Find a Husband.

Ok, first, 50% of alumni marrying another Eph is really high. Back when I worked as a tour guide on campus, I got in trouble once for saying a number verging on 40%. (On the weekends, I noticed that there was always some wedding preparations going on at the chapel, so this didn’t seem to be incorrect.) Now that I’m a much older and wiser alumni, I’ve realized that using my friends as a non-exact sampling, the number is closer to probably 10 or 20%. Don’t you think that the Alumni council would have more exact information on this? And what about Alumni divorces? Do those count?

At any rate, the article is strange. Most of the colleges on the list are crazy difficult to get in to, so it doesn’t seem to make sense that a potential college student would find it useful in any way. If it’s just to say, yeah, lots of us marry each other, it’s true. But, I don’t know how different Williams is from any other college or university.

But, I did find my terrific husband. Hard to believe how our one-year anniversary is only six weeks away.

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we have internet


It’s been sort of a crazy few weeks here. We moved into our apartment, we didn’t have internet, my parents swept in for my birthday, we didn’t have hot water, and now we’re finally almost done unpacking and starting to find some normalcy with our lives. Yay!

So bear with us as we’re getting settled! We’ll be back soon with all sorts of adventures to catch up on!

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We got the keys!

A few days earlier than expected, we had our apartment check in/check out with the Regie, the former tenant, our agent and us. Friday morning at the crack of dawn, the inspector came to look at everything in the apartment to see what was damaged/broken/needed to be fixed. This is a key part of the acquiring-an-apartment-in-Geneva process because a clean inspection means you can get back that three month’s rent you’ve put in a bank account. That’s right, three months rent that you can’t touch until you move out. It’s a crazy deposit, but apparently that’s the way things go here in Geneva.

What I’ve realized in the past several weeks that we’ve been here is that the Swiss are very serious and very rules driven. The point of us getting an agent was effectively bribing someone who is well connected in the city to let us have a place. No, really. I’m not sure how else people get apartments in Geneva with this kind of market. It was a bit of a gamble to go with an apartment that was big, convenient and in a nice part of the city, but on a lower floor and noisy corner with a higher price tag rather than a smaller cheaper apartment slightly further away. The tipping point was the agent’s relationship with the regie and landlord of the building, and if you know that your landlord cares about the place, it’s worth it to have that piece of mind. (Oh, and higher chances of getting a place? Yes please!)

So here we are, five weeks after we arrived in Geneva and Wednesday morning, bright and early, our things will be delivered and we can finally, FINALLY unpack and start trying to live normal lives.

I can’t wait!

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But, the news is finally looking good on the apartment front for a June 1st move in date!

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French Countryside

While I delay the long post about apartment hunting in Geneva, here’s some pictures of where we’re currently living: St. Genis-Pouilly.

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